Modular vs. Site Built​

  • Building in a climate controlled environment, using system-built assembly line efficiency eliminates many variables that affect the quality of a site-built home.
  • Industry-mandated increased insulation and stringent building practices result in a factory-built home being significantly more energy efficient. This will save the homeowner energy and money for years to come. As a rule, factory-built homes are greener homes than those built on site.
  • Building in a factory setting reduces the threat of job-site theft and damage. These are problems that have plagued home builders in recent years and can lead to budget overruns.
  • Triple M’s craftsmen receive regular training and are permanently employed. This is an advantage for a factory home builder over a site builder as often site builders have to deal with the shortage of skilled labour, which can result in unskilled workers on the job site. This compromises quality!
  • To ensure a secure trip to your property, factory-built homes use additional framing lumber for structural strength. Adhesive, screws and steel strapping are used to fasten components together to ensure structural stability during transport.

Triple M Housing builds a wide variety of modular and manufactured homes. Our homes are built to conform to, and in many ways exceed local and national building codes. Each home is built in our climate-controlled factory then shipped to the customer’s building site, where it is assembled by authorized distributors.